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One of my biggest reasons for trying to get my body to a fitter and healthier place was my child. My body had gone from a size 2 dancer to a size 14 prednisone patient and I had pretty much accepted that. But after my child was in the picture, I was terrified of not being the "mom" I thought she needed. What would happen when she could out-run me? How would I put her in her crib when she's too heavy for me to lift? These were my reasons, and they really still are.

I admit - at 2.5 years old, she is already outrunning me and I don't see that changing in the future, lol...but I'm keeping up with being able to lift her, hold her, get her in and out of swings/grocery carts/high-chairs/etc. and I know I wouldn't be if it weren't for starting a lifting program.

One lift I make sure to do consistently is outlined in a video can use a weight plate, a heavy bag, a kettlebell...or even you child! I honestly use my kid more often than I use a weight, mainly because she thinks it's fun now, and will ask me to do it...which is keeping me strong enough to lift her for now! I do four sets of ten, and aim to do this at least three times a week in my workouts (or if I can't work out that much, at home with my kid). The first time a trainer had me do these, I immediately realized that these motions were ones I was doing like, a million times a day with a new baby at home, and I quickly saw how important these motions were to keep strong. And...they've also given me some pretty new trap muscles that I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty proud of, lol! I started doing these with a ten pound plate. Now, I use a 45 plate for at least 2 sets, aiming for three. By the last set I usually still have to drop down to a 35 (as seen in the video below). My child is about 40 pounds, so I figure as long as I can out-lift her weight, I should be good, haha!

Baby Traps are coming!

What are some of your favorite exercises to do that you feel help you in your every-day life?

Lifting Barbell

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