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Another Day, Another Diagnosis

Hey all! Yes, It’s been quite some time, but it just seems like every time I make a grand post about starting to feel better and wanting to post more, my body laughs in my face so freaking hard and says…ummmm….no way!

The past two weeks have been medical visit after medical visit – half-day tests and being poked and prodded and starved. And…like most people who have autoimmune or chronic illnesses know, our diseases always come in packs – you can never have just one. I acquired yet another diagnosis last week, and it has shaken me. It’s called HYPERINSULINEMIA and essentially, I have abnormally high insulin in my body. My pancreas doesn’t know how to properly produce it.

My fatigue has been something unbearable lately, and every time I’d put food in my mouth I’d get immediately exhausted and shaky and would have to lay down. But if I didn’t eat, the same thing would happen. This was because my body was basically going into hypoglycemic shock every time my insulin wasn’t doing what it was supposed to. So, I had to *immediately* change my diet and add a few more meds to the regime. I basically spent a few days crying, because my diet was very high in carbs as I followed Autoimmune Protocol – lots of whole grains, fruits, etc. Well, I can now basically have no carbs until my insulin regulates. No oatmeal for breakfast, no rice and bean dishes for lunch, no quinoa at dinner. No fruit to snack on. No smoothies. I’ve been trying very hard this week to figure out what I can eat, and how to do this. I get 10-15g of carbs per meal…that’s it. And I’ve really been struggling with this. But I’m here, and I’m trying.

I’ve been too weak to even get myself into a gym, as every time I try to even carry a plate to the barbell I get shaky and weak again as my blood sugar just can’t seem to regulate. I did try going on my first ever outdoor run this weekend with my husband though, as I had to do something, and I survived it, so that’s a start!

Had to stop for a selfie on my first ever run!

I’m very thankful for a great workplace though that’s given me the freedom to get to my appointments, even work from the clinic during some of the longer ones and take all the time I need to get this worked out. I really, truly hope to be back to writing more soon enough, but I’ve learned not to make too many promises!

Lifting Barbell

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