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The Ultimate Spoonie Shopping Guide

Whether you’re coming to this list as a spoonie, a spoonie supporter, a lifter, fitness enthusiast or someone looking for some ideas for any of the above, I hope you find some awesome stuff! This is all some of my favorite stuff and all things that I use, love and have gifted to others because I love these things so much! So happy shopping!! I’m also a big user of Amazon Prime – from subscription services to family gifting lists to entertainment so I’m always a big proponent of the gift of Prime!

Gifts to keep your spoonie cozy:

A heated fleece wrap.

This wrap is amazing. It’s smaller than a blanket so less bulk, and definitely easier than trying to get a square plastic heating pad to contour to your body. It’s definitely something nice to snuggle up on the sofa with while sipping your coffee in the morning.

A contoured sleep mask.

I LOVE this mask. I actually buy three at a time, because my toddler got sick on mine and I honestly cried about it. So now I always have back up! I had no idea how much a good sleep mask could help me improve my sleep. Blacking out every little bit of light is a game changer, and this mask is comfortable enough to forget about on your face.

A heated matress pad.

This pad is adjustable on two sides, so I can keep my joints nice and warm to help me sleep while my husband who is always hot can keep his side cool. It’s comfortable to sleep on and the heat comes very evenly, so you don’t ever feel like it’s getting hot spots.

Cozy PJ’s!

If I could get away with wearing these PJ’s to work, I totally would. Okay, not gonna lie…I definitely work from home in these all the time…I just don’t think they’d fly in our office! Leveret PJ’s are super cozy and have lots of fun patterns. They make them in so many sizes, too! My toddler has been wearing them since she was a newborn and we are even hella cute in a few of our matching pair!

A Pregnancy Pillow.

My rheumatologist recommended this pillow to me years before I was pregnant and it was a total game changer. You can move it to help you comfort and elevate like, every part of your body! Mine lasted years until I actually got pregnant and by the end of my pregnancy I’d pretty much worn down the middle to nothing, but it went a good 3.5 years before I needed to replace it. The one I currently have is 3 years old and still going strong!

Super Cute “toastie” hand warmers!

I suffer from Reynauds and it gets nearly unbearable in the winter months. These little guys keep me agile enough in my fingers to type for work and for leisure, and keep my hands from being in more pain than necessary. And they’re cute as hell!

Gifts to give your spoonie relief:

Indulgent Body Moisturizer.

I’ve spent thousands trying to find a moisturizer that does everything I need only to find the perfect bottle costs less than $15! The scent is divine but not overbearing (it doesn’t trigger my migraines so SCORE!) and it really goes deep into your skin and feels incredible after an Epsom bath!

Eucalyptus Essential Oil.

I SWEAR I’M NOT SELLING YOU PSEUDOSCIENCE AND WOO! I will say that I am all about science and clinical studies, but I also know that when my immune system is fighting a cold, nothing helps me breathe like throwing some of this into my humidifier. I will not claim any sort of cures, but I will say it gives me a lot of relief in the winter months.

Cutsie compression stockings.

They aren’t all band-aid colored and nursing home chic anymore…you can find lots of super cute styles to keep you feeling your best…and who doesn’t want socks covered in DONUTS?!

Glutamine powder.

You’re probably wondering why this is in the “relief” section and not the “fitness” section. It’s definitely something that could fit in both! While glutamine definitely aids in my muscle recovery after an intense workout, it REALLY helps aid in my pain relief when I am having a lot of general inflammation. This particular powder is flavorless and can be mixed into anything.

Gifts to help your spoonie around the home and out and about:

The Instant Pot.

I’m sure you’ve heard of it. But seriously. These are amazeballs. They’re like a crock pot on crack. You can toss a bunch of frozen shit in one and have a meal in 20 minutes. Talk about saving spoons!

A Jar Opener.

Everyone has been there…that pickle craving kicks in and you can’t satisfy it because you just can’t get the damn jar open. My husband bought me these and they have been a LIFESAVER! I keep one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom to help me with moisturizer bottles and such.

A pill organizer.

My favorite thing about this organizer is how it has a separate container for each day of the week! This way I don’t have to carry a big-ass sack of pills with me everywhere I go or risk losing them somewhere. The containers are also easy for me to open, which I have found to be an issue with some pill cases I’ve tried.

A reusable mask with respirator.

KEEP. YOUR. GERMS. AWAY. FROM. ME. Seriously though. People coughing, sneezing, not practicing good hand washing hygiene and during the worst time of the year for our immune systems?? It makes leaving the house TERRIFYING. I know it’s not easy to wear a mask in public…and to be honest I don’t all too often but mine is a staple for me any time I’m in a medical building or kids center during the winter months.

Gifts for the fitness buff:

Wrist Supports for Lifting.

These have been a lifesaver for me when I bench or do any sort of lift that puts pressure on my wrists. They are very firm and have a nice thumb wrap to keep them in place. They allow me to push more weight without triggering an arthritic flare up in my wrists. Unlike others I have tried, these ones have really kept their structure to them too!

Travel-Sized Liquid Chalk.

I LOVE this liquid chalk! I go to a few different gyms all with different rules around what kind of chalk is acceptable and this one is okay everywhere I go. It gives me a legit superhero grip and I love that I can toss it on a keyring and have it with me wherever I go, since I sometimes have to throw a workout in on the fly.

A door-frame pullup bar.

I use this bar for everything from pull-ups, to stretching, ab and core work and even to do push-up modifications on the floor! It doesn’t have to install into walls so it’s easily portable and is a good way to do some work from home when you can’t make it to the gym.

A purple ab-mat (yes, the color is VERY important!)

This mat is amazing and can be used for Crossfit style WOD’s, yoga, and stretching.

*I am an Amazon Associate and do receive a small percentage of all sales from these links. They’re not ads, and are all products I just love and swear by.

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