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So Long, 2018!

To say it's been a wild year would be an understatement! My New Years Eve last year was spent recovering from jaw surgery, and that basically set the tone for the year - more hospital stays in 2018 than 2015-2017. I battled DRESS Syndrome which was caused by one of my Trigeminal Neuralgia meds. I had liver failure. Dislocated Ribs and Knees. Surgery to remove a ruptured Fallopian Tube.

Through all the adversity, there was so much to be thankful for, too! I really spent my "well" time being as present in my relationships as I could, because my illnesses this year REALLY made me realize how much of my life I'd been taking for granted. My family traveled a lot. My daughter got to meet her entire family on my husband's side, which was pretty awesome. We got to see parts of the country we'd never experienced together. We tried new foods, new activities and really just tried to make every moment count.

2018 ended with the biggest life transition of them all - my family and I packed up, and moved from Madison Wisconsin to Portland Oregon! I left a job I'd been at for almost nine years to chase an opportunity that was up in the air, and I'm so glad I did! I was born in Portland and have a lot of family out here, so I really think that will be such a great help when I'm out of spoons. And I've embarked on a brand new career path with a company I've always dreamed of working for! I'm still finding my groove in my new gym, but having it right across the street makes it easy to get to!

2019? I'm ready for you! I am going to continue to live in the moment - be thankful for the good days. Nourish and strengthen my body so I have strength to fight the bad days. Explore more. Travel more. Love with everything I have. Embrace the little moments. Learn. Learn some more. Happy New Year!

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